Looking To Get Big Benefits from Big Data – With a Structured Engagement Approach?

These days the organizations have a simple access to information with the exponential development of rising computerized Big Data Offering innovations. This represents a test to deal with the blossoming volume of information consistently. In any case, our Big Data service offerings enable you to deal with the enormous information well in spite of the size and complexity.

Big Data has turned into a pattern, giving your business upper hand over others while additionally gives a wide range of access to Big Data that is developing in volume, variety, velocity and multifaceted nature. Regardless of information is nearby, in the cloud or both, you're speedily overwhelmed with enormous measures of data. All that is required is understanding, aptitudes and instruments so as to flourish and transform your business issues into wealth of business knowledge.

At FIk, we attempt communitarian endeavors to convey request to your Big Data while our group of senior-level specialists helps in actualizing the advances required to oversee and comprehend your information, empowering you to foresee client request and settle on better choices at the correct time. Breaking down your business challenges well, we offer you the key direction expected to succeed, utilizing the intensity of information you collect, to your favorable position.

Our Service Offerings:

At Fik, customer commitment and customer satisfaction are two biggest factors that we go for. Our service offerings are:

Consulting and Development: With extraordinary skillset and knowledge, our experts offer guidance around growing enormous data Consulting Services, containing building use cases, emerging among contenders and revealing chances.

Our specialists in Big Data offer engineering consultancy, Capacity making services for snappier time-to-showcase, while we likewise create MAP Reduce Code, Custom Code and Data integration Services using proven components of the Big Data ecosystem.

Real Time Data Processing: According to the research, significant number of associations utilizes cluster information handling, anyway there are times when an association requires ongoing information preparing also. Ongoing information preparing empowers an association to make quick move for those occasions when it's imperative to act inside seconds or minutes.

Continuous Data Analytics: These days it's not sufficiently only to perform verifiable examination and clump reports, as there are times when circumstance emerges when you are required to settle on all around educated choices continuously, the information and bits of knowledge should be convenient and quickly noteworthy. Continuous Data Analytics enables you to effortlessly coordinate with any information source.
It includes:

  • Customer Analytics
  • Behavioural Analytics
  • Streaming Analytics
  • Performance Analytics
  • Productivity Analytics
  • Risk & Credit analytics

Mobile Push Notifications: These are notification messages on a cell phone that are shown when the application isn't being utilized effectively. Additionally called a mobile push message, these show up as a spring up identification, sound or flag. These messages are planned to draw the consideration of clients and to recover the client to jump into the application. You get them on iOS, Android, and other real stages.

  • Versatile Push Notifications to IOS and Android Devices
  • Programmed Push to Millions of clients
  • Push Messages crosswise over Mobile, Desktop and Server
  • Customized Notifications through Segmentation Targeting

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