Looking for Automating Business Processes for Better Efficiency & Reduced Cost?

Organizations across the world are exploring the opportunities and tremendous potential of Robotic Process Automation. Streamlining tasks and enhancing efficiencies implies something other than updating frameworks or outsourcing processes or procedures means significant amount of engineering effort to be put. One pragmatic approach to development is by utilizing robotic process automation to enhance the speed and agility of the operational process.

Why RPA?

According to the research it shows that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can drive up to staggering 25-50% cost savings by automating data intensive, mundane tasks which requires very little or no intelligence, and by improving the operational efficacy and efficiency to a complete new level. RPA is a software-oriented process where software repetitively does the task in a much faster and quicker way compared to human counterpart. As a virtual worker, RPA replicates user actions to reduce or eliminate human intervention in mundane, repetitive, and manually intensive processes. By automating these manual processes, organizations regardless of the domains can improve efficiency and accuracy. In addition, virtual workers can be deployed 24/7 reducing latency and driving higher levels of productivity.

Our Unique approach towards RPA Implementation:

FIK has successfully delivered numerous RPA implementations, automating more than 300 processes and has a track record of 100% success rate. Over the years, along with our extensive experience and expertise, we’ve established a structured and pragmatic approach to building RPA solutions. Our team of dedicated RPA engineers prepare the complete RPA roadmap, select apt tools, set an operating model, and perform governance, rigorous testing to ensure the success and optimized efficiency of the process. With our unique and pragmatic methodology, we have helped our clients to ensure:

  • Implementation of an RPA solution from the scratch within 8 weeks
  • Lower operational costs by up to staggering 65%
  • Achieve regulatory compliance with minimal IT development
  • Collaboratively create RPA center of excellence to design, develop and deploy RPA process in the core business activities seamlessly without a single hitch

Why should you choose to be associated with us?

We have marked our sign of prominence in the industry with our expertise and experience in this field over the years. Our dedicated team of engineers have always ensured to live up to the expectations of our clientele and even exceed them. The reason which makes FIK unique and favorite choice for multiple organizations across the domains are:

  • Team of dedicated RPA specialists with experience delivering tailor-made solutions depending upon the industry
  • Experience in creating POC (Proof of Concept) for business processes
  • Proven ability to manage enterprise-wide RPA efforts through our dedicated lab for RPA
  • End-to-end delivery and maintenance services with flexible support from product specialists
  • Enhanced Speed to Market with evolved accelerators for each and every lifecycle phase
  • Partnerships with key RPA product vendors including Blue Prism, NICE, UiPath for seamless service and integration

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